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Staging your Home


Jupiter Florida Home Staging for Sale


You never get a 2nd chance to make a good 1st impression.


In staging your home, you as the seller have an opportunity and responsibility to enhance the salability of your house. The buyer's first impression can mean the difference of literally thousands of dollars in emotional appeal to a buyer or make the difference of whether the property sells or sits on the market for months. You should look to your agent for honest, candid suggestions to increase the visual appearance and maximize the return of your  investment.


Remember - once your home is listed for sale, it is now a product for sale in the market.



1. FRONT AND BACK YARD: Haul trash, mow, edge, fertilize, (Ammonia Sulfate), water, trim shrubs, open up entryway. Around edges, replace rock or bark or just remove weeds.



2. GARAGE AND DRIVEWAY: Have a garage sale, clean out and open up the garage workbench, etc. REMOVE OIL SPOTS!


3. PAINTING OUTSIDE: Nearly every house going on the market will benefit from some paint, at least the trim. Purchase a new doormat. Paint, varnish or simply replace the front doors.


4. PAINTING INSIDE: Use light colors; it gives the feeling of newness, spaciousness and cleanliness.


5. CARPETS: Do they need to be replaced or at least steam-cleaned and deodorized? Clean drapes if needed.


6. KITCHEN: Clean counter of clutter, box up and remove extra or unwanted appliances or utensils. Remove magnets and pictures from the fridge. For showing, bake cinnamon rolls or boil herbs and spices for aroma. Lubricate & adjust all sliding doors and windows.



7. ENTRY: Add a large mirror to give a spacious feeling.


8. CLOSETS: If winter, remove all summer clothing. If summer, remove all winter clothing so that the closets look spacious. Show off all storage areas by packing & removing stuff to storage or Goodwill.


9. BATHROOMS: Replace shower curtain, Tilex and clean it until it shines, countertops clear and clean. No plumbing leaks. Scented soap and fresh towels.


10. BEDROOMS: Tone down the personalization of teenagers' rooms, pack away the posters for their next room, keep neat and spacious.


11. FAMILY AND LIVING ROOMS: Spacious, airy, remove extra pictures, collections, trophies, magazines and furniture, etc. It gives the buyer a chance to see it as their home. Besides, you need to start packing anyway.


12. LIGHTING: Increase wattage in all fixtures if possible. This is not the time to conserve electricity.  Turn on all lamps and lights before a showing.


13. WHEN SHOWING: Get the family involved. TV off, soft music on (soft... ) All the beds made, everything picked up, small fire in fireplace, use sprays and deodorizers sparingly, open drapes and turn lights on. Toilet lid down. Pets out or contained. Remember, 50% of home purchasers have someone afraid of, allergic to, or simply does not like pets.



Hire a painter, hire a gardener, call a mail service, call the pool service, use your dog kennel, clean the fridge, fold the laundry,empty the trashcans, sweep the sidewalk...


Use a temporary storage unit for extra furniture, boxed clothing, utensils, etc.


Use new plants or color arrangements to accent.

Turn on the ceiling fans 



You are not trying to demonstrate how you, the seller lives; you are letting the buyers imagine how THEY will be living.



Curb Appeal!

rightFlowers for instant curb appeal

The experts all agree that curb appeal is one of the most important aspects to consider when selling your home.  When selling, it's the appearance from the street that will very often determine whether potential buyers come in to see the inside, or never get out of their cars.



Flowers are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make the front of your house look inviting and instantly increase the curb appeal of your home. Without any real landscaping at all, flowers can transform a rather drab and dreary looking front yard into one that looks colorful and lush. Especially during spring and summer, you should take advantage of the season by planting pots and flower boxes.



You should choose colorful flowers that will be in bloom during the time you're selling your home. Planting the flowers in planter boxes and pots is easier than planting them in the ground and lets you more easily place them where they can have the most visual impact. You don't need to have a green thumb, or spend a lot of money to get great results either. Visit your local home improvement center or nursery and they will be happy to advise you of the best flowers and plants for your purpose. You can put together several very nice planter boxes and pots of flowers for well under $100. And it's easy!


One of the nice things about using flowers in this way is that you'll see the results immediately. And so will buyers visiting your home!



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