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Hurricane Preparation is a Year Long Job in Florida!

Use the information below to put together your hurricane survival plan...

3 Months Before Hurricane Season:

Begin purchasing supplies for your Emergency Supply Kit. (This can be done a little at a time over

three months.)

Inspect your window protection for rust, missing bolts, damage, etc. (Repair immediately.)

Inspect your walls, windows, garage door and roof for conditions that may allow wind damage.

Use the Surge Area Mapping System (SAMS) on to see if you are in an evacuation area.

If you are in an evacuation area, make an evacuation plan for you and your family.

1 Month Before Hurricane Season:

Check your utility bills to see who provides your water, gas and electric.

Contact your city or the Solid Waste Authority of PBC to determine who picks up your trash and yard debris.

Complete the assembly of your Emergency Supply Kit. Purchase non-perishable foods and medicine last.

Check with your doctor and/or pharmacy to determine how best to assure your prescriptions will last through a storm.

If you need to register for the Special Needs Shelter, contact the Special Needs Coordinator at 561-712-6400.

If you live in an evacuation zone, mobil/manufactured home, are physically handicapped, or have no

other means of transportation, you can pre-register for transportation assistance with Palm Tran Connection


Assess your landscaping to determine if trees need to be trimmed or ornaments removed before a storm.

Establish a contact number with your employer if you may need to report to work immediately following a storm.

Make arrangements in advance for your pets; either contact Animal Care and Control about pet sheltering,

or ask your vet.

1 Week Before Hurricane Season:

Review your family plan with your family and establish who will be your out-of-town contact.

Double-check what shelters are located near your home; do not wait until you need to go to the shelter.

June 1 through November 30:

Stay alert to radio and television to receive updates on any

tropical systems.

Periodically check your Emergency Supply Kit to make sure you still have the proper items. 


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